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Below is a listing of all of the Jump Puzzle locations within the vast world that is Guild Wars 2.  This page will contain locations for each jump puzzle found in the game, as well as detailed information on how to get there and successfully complete the event.  Check back often for updates!

Jump Puzzle Locations

Caledon Forest – Spekks Laboratory(Coming Soon)


Caledon Forest – Morgan’s Leap


Diessa Plateau – Grendich Gamble (Coming Soon)


Diessa Plateau – Wall Breach Blitz

GW2 - Diessa Plateau Vista # 4 + Jump Puzzle


Dredgehaunt Cliffs – Tribulation Rift Scaffolding

Dredgehaunt Cliffs Vista # 6 (Tribulation RIft)


Eternal Battlegrounds PvP puzzle (Coming Soon)


Gendarren Fields – Swashbucklers Cove

GW2 Jump Puzzle - Genderren Fields – Swashbucklers Cove


Kessex Hills – The Collapsed Observatory


Lions Arch - Weyandt’s Revenge

lions Arch Jump Puzzle - Weyandt's Revenge


Lornar’s Pass – Windy Cave

Guild Wars 2 - Windy Cave Jump Puzzle


Metrica Province – Goemm’s Laboratory (Coming Soon)


Plains of Ashford – Loreclaw Expanse (Coming Soon)


Queensdale – DemonGrub Pits

GW2 Jump Puzzle - Queensdale Demongrub Pitts Location


Snowden Drifts – King Jalis’ Refuge (Coming Soon)


Wayfarer Foothills – Shaman’s Rookery

Wayfarer Foothills - Shamans Rookery Jump Puzzle Map


World Versus World – Borderlands puzzles (Coming Soon)