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Crafting Professions

You can focus on any 2 crafting professions at the same time in Guild Wars 2.  You can switch to another Crafting Profession without losing progress on the one you abandoned.  In theory, you will be able to have one character with every crafting profession maxed out.  As you craft, you can experiment with different materials in a special panel of the crafting pane and discover new items to make.  You also gain experience for crafting items, and you will gain more experience for making more challenging items and discovering new recipes.

Alternative Crafting Options

There are a couple of unique ways to get crafting materials and items in Guild Wars 2.  You can salvage gear with a kit that breaks down the gear into an assortment of components.  For instance, if you used a kit on a mace, you might get some copper from the head, some wood from the handle, or some leather from the grip.  This is a great way to break down items you no longer need, acquire extra room in your bags or get much needed crafting materials.  Higher level kits increase the chance of getting back rarer materials, but they are more expensive and generally only used at higher levels.

Armorsmithing: This Crafting Profession make heavy armors for the soldier professions, as well as inventory boxes and runes. It will involve the use of a lot of ore and cloth to advance.

Jeweler: The jeweler is able to make accessories like earrings, necklaces and rings.  They are also able to combine gems to make a higher grade of gemstones that can be inserted into upgrade slots in equipment.  Typically, jewelers will want to gather a lot of ore to support this crafting profession.

TailoringIf the pen is mightier than sword than the pin must be mightier than the pen.  Think on that!  Tailoring is the crafting profession for making scholar light armor, runes and bags.  It will suck up quite a bit of cloth to level, as you would expect, but you will get a lot of useful bags and runes of Life early on, which definitely makes leveling easier.

WeaponsmithingDo you like big sticks to beat people with?  Want those sticks to be equipped with pointy things? Then weaponsmithing is the crafting profession for you!  Essentially any melee-based weapon is crafted by the weaponsmith.  They also make sigils to help empower that shiney new sword you made.

HuntsmanAll physical things ranged are crafted by the Huntsman – bows, guns, warhorns and torches.  The last two look out of place right up until a Ranger sends a flock of birds at you with the warhorn and then chucks a torch at you.  Similar to the weaponsmith, they also make sigils for weapons.

Artificer: The artificer is capable of making all the weapons for magic users.  It includes staves, foci, scepters, tridents and, like the other weapon crafting professions, sigils.  Artificer is also as close to an alchemist that you will get in Guild Wars 2, making potions that grant you bonuses such as extra damage against centaurs.

Leatherworker: Do you like ripping the skin off dead things? Me too! This is the profession for people with a leather obsession (hmmm, that sounded wrong).  These are the crafters of medium armor for the adventurer professions.  As a nice bonus, you can make leather bags to store more leather in.  It’s like the circle of life!

ChefThis crafting profession allows you to make food that grant long duration boons, about 10 minutes, from materials you gather from plants, meat you get from killing animals and spices you buy from vendors.  Even though this crafting profession gets quite expensive to level up, you can reap the rewards by also making dyes for your armor. If you like blowing through tons of money and karma, this is the profession for you!  No, really, it eats through cash like crazy.

Finally, if you have multiple items that you no longer need, you can try your hand at the Mystic Forge.  You combine four items and sacrifice them in the forge, and out of it you will have a chance to get something better.  Its a bit of a gamble, but people have gotten much better items out of the forge.  The way it works is not fully known.

Note: A much more polished version will be uploaded come the release of the game when we can familiarize ourselves with the city.